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Who is Netwit ?

Netwit is a UK based Internet Platform connecting freelancers to businesses that need their services. Freelancers can be sourced globally to work projects posted on Netwit.
Projects are vetted before the are available on the Netwit and prominently focusing on technology. education, design and writing

What type of projects can I post ?

Netwit ensures all projects posted are vetted and comply where the website terms and conditions . Projects can be posted of any natures providing they do not offer any none professional services. Please see terms and conditions for services.

Is there any cost involve in posting a project ?

Posting a Project is absolutely Free. There is No charge to the Project Owner.
Is there a cost to the Freelancer?

The Freelancer occurs a service charge of 7% of the bid price. Once the service charge has been paid the communication can commence between the Freelancer and Project Owner through Skype or internal messaging.

How does a Freelancer make payment?

Payment is made by PayPal which is a trusted and reliable method of payment.

How does the Freelancer and Project Owner Communicate ?

Communication between the Freelancer and Project Owner can be through Skype and internal messaging. Netwit encourages all users to register for Skype as the messaging functionality in Netwit interacts exclusively with Skype. We also encourage users to communicate through the internal messaging for audit and dispute resolution purposes.

When an Employer posts a Project how do you ensure it is a genuine project?

Netwit ensures all projects posted are vetted and verified . Project Owners must verify the login details to ensure authenticity of the identity.
As a freelancer I have paid the service charge to Netwit and trying to contact the Employer but getting no response. what should I do?
In the event of a Project Owner not responding to Freelancer questions or queries. Netwit shall investigate as much as possible. As per the terms and conditions of use Netwit cannot guarantee the identity of an individual on a digital platform. We try to ensure disputes are resolved promptly and Project delivery milestones are achieved. Netwit also encourages users to rate Freelancers and Project Owners and comment on the quality of interaction and delivery.

I am experiencing technical issues on the website. How do I contact Netwit?

Any technical issues should be reported to Netwit either through the website contact page or by email to

Could I have a freelancer and project owner profile ?

Freelancer and Project Owner are distinct roles in Netwit. 
Why do I need a Skype Id ?

Netwit is integrated with Skype to provide video and chat abilities. We recommend uses to register for Skype to benefit for the video and chat features. 

Could I advertise my company logo or Freelancer services banner on Netwit?

You can advertise you logo or banner on the Netwit slider on the homepage .
Please contact for further information.

Is there are tutorials on how to use Netwit?

Netwit shall be posting "How To" videos on YouTube and Facebook . Netwit would like users to subscribe to the Netwit YouTube channel and Facebook page .
Also on the homepage Netwit shall be posting animated videos on how to use the website.